Vendredi 22 juillet 2011

Wedding Dress Design

What is the hottest wedding dress designs for the upcoming season? Well, it could be difficult as each year brings a hot new look.

Let's take a look at some great all time classic styles and some emerging trends.

If the clothing is worn in Gone with the wind your idea of ​​a perfect wedding dress design, this is one for you!

Ball gown style wedding dresses have always been a classic. Apart from you feel old world beautiful ball dresses have a few other upsides too happy to give you a remarkable cleavage. Princess design is a variation of the ball dress and a skirt, not so crowded.

The Mermaid style wedding dress design is a 50-style statement. Who can forget the charm wore the dress all time favorite Audrey Hepburn to the races in My Fair Lady?

An extremely tight-fitting mermaid style dress that was the epitome of their classic and elegant style.

Tea length
Tea length wedding dress styles are perfect for a casual, less traditional wedding, especially if you have a great pair of knock-out of shoes.

Satin Strapless Ball Gown with Rouched Skirt and Chapel Train Designs Bridal Dress WM-0231

Grecian Goddess
Dress the high anticipated IPO materials in an empire style goddess can make themselves immortal. If you are a full figure bride, this is a good choice for you.

Ruffles are something you either love or hate, because they tend a bit over the top! However, there are some fantastic ruffled wedding dress designs out there, and for the bride who wants to make an impression, ruffles can be the answer.

Flower Power
Flowers! There is nothing more beautiful or more feminine than a delicate flower petal wedding dress. Whether you go for a skirt in the leaves, or simply smothered them with only minor details of dress, the flowers, the aura of a real nymph as a bride to add.


One of my personal favorites, a wedding dress decorated with ribbons, either a single large on the back, or more gathered in Rock defnitely stylish.

Friesen Highlights
Eye-catching sparkly beads strategic areas of your dress can be just the right finesse, what else to add a rather simple dress. And the bead is very popular at the moment with the designers.

Sleeves and Belt
Dresses with sleeves make a huge comeback on the wedding dress scene. Yes, cuffs and belts are equipped with a vengeance. So if you're a fan or sleeves and tapes ... Joy!

Whether you decorated for just a touch of lace or a complete coverage of the tips wedding dresses are hot to go now, and it seems that there always will be. This is an all-time favorite among brides for sentimental reasons.
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